1. To dispel the darkness of ignorance from the society through dissemination of knowledge.
  2. To create an ideal academic environment fostering quality teaching and learning.
  3. To create an ambience for greater competitiveness, grooming varied skill and intellectual pursuits.
  4. To make higher education accessible to various social groups of the society particularly the economically weaker sections and the women students.
  5. To generate awareness among the people against social evils, diseases and to protect and sustain environment.
  6. To inculcate among the students, positive thinking, human values, egalitarian & secular outlook, a spirit of social work, for social prosperity and harmony.
  7. To build up good moral character of the students with the core values of honesty and discipline.
  8. To preserve and protect our rich cultural heritage.
  9. To encourage all round development of personality of students.
  10. To uplift spiritual, ethical and moral values among the students to arrest unethical escalation of value degradation in the society.


  1. To transform the institution to an ideal centre of higher education through a holistic approach.
  2. To provide quality education to the students and to make their acquired skill, knowledge and qualification more relevant to global needs.