College Crest

The College Crest is the epitome of persistent yearning for knowledge, a spirit of heroic adventure in the ocean of life, a sense of dedication and conviction to dispel darkness of ignorance with the light of wisdom, a sense of contentment of perfection and the triumphs of truth. It consists of the open book, the ship, the burning lamp, the blossomed rose and the eternal epigraph "SatyamebaJayate".

The "Ship" stands for a spirit of heroic adventure in the ocean of life, a quest for truth to quench the thirst for knowledge, the exploration of fresher's fields for the fulfillment of the aspiration of life.

The "Open Book" is the traditional symbol of knowledge which represents the zest for learning and spread of education.

The "Burning Lamp" symbolizes the teaching community with a sense of dedication and commitment that burns itself to illuminate the society dispelling the darkness of ignorance.

The "Blossomed Rose" represents the students community equipped with the beauty and fragrance of knowledge, noble character and education ready to spread in the society.

The epigraph "SatyamebaJayate", the immortal line from Mundaka Upanishad, the National motto of India is the ideal of the Institution.