The College Library is named Satyabadi Library. The library remains open from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. during all working days and closed on Sundays and other holidays. Transaction relating to issue and return of books are carried out between. 11A.M. and 3P.M. There are two reading rooms in the library one for members of staff and the other for students.

Library cards are issued to the students at the beginning of the session on production of the Identity Card and First Fee receipt.

Rules :

  1. Library cards are not transferable and required to be renewed at the beginning of each session.
  2. Normally books not relevant to a user's declared subjects of study shall not be issued.
  3. Books will be issued on the presentation of the library card along with the list of books a student wishes to borrow in order of preference. No books shall be taken out of the library without the knowledge of the librarian and unit it has been properly entered in the loan register and the entry is signed by the borrower.
  4. Each borrower must examine the condition of the books before these are taken out of the issue counter. Incase of mutilation discovered later the responsibility will be with the borrow and the cost of the book with fine will be realised from him/her.
  5. Books will be returned within the period allowed to a borrower. Students may keep books for one week/ two weeks. members of staff for six weeks and other staff for two weeks.
  6. When the due date for return of a book falls on an authorised holiday, it should be return to the library on the date the college opens after the holiday.
  7. All books belonging to the library and in the possession of the borrower shall be returned to the library before the college closes for the long vacation, on or before the date notified for the purpose.
  8. Whosever might have a library book or a journal in his possession should return it to the library in response to a requisition notice for the return of the same from the librarian, failing which fresh issues would be stopped.
  9. Books are returned to the librarian or Assistant librarian in charge at the counter. A student should always present his library card whenever he wants to borrow or return books.
  10. No marking shall be made in the library books, nor shall any picture or page removed or torn or otherwise disfigured. In such cases borrower may be asked to replace the book damaged by him. If replacement is not possible he will have to pay the cost of the book plus penalty.
  11. The librarian will report to the Principal the names of persons responsible for improper use of the library books.
  12. Ordinarily there is no restriction on the issue of books in the library but the Principal may stop the issue of books to the borrowers or to certain classes of borrowers.
  13. A borrower against whom any overdue charges are outstanding, shall not be allowed to borrow books from the library.
  14. If a borrower keeps a library book in his/her possessionfor more than the time allowed for the purpose, no more books will be issued to him/her until the book concerned is returned to the library with appropriate fine.
  15. All those who may be inside the library or in its neighbourhood are expected to observe strict silence. All conversation except what is absolutely necessary for the transaction of library business is forbidden inside the library.
  16. The Library premises should not be used for any purpose other than reading or consulting the books and journals of the library.
  17. Spitting, smoking, sleeping inside the library and putting one's legs on furniture are strictly forbidden.
  18. None but members of the teaching staff and other college staff may go into the library. Person who might get special premission from the Principal may also go inside the library.
  19. The following is the list showing the maximum number of books that may be issued to the various classes of borrowers.
    1. Teachers 20 each (25 each for Hons. teaching)
    2. Class III staff 2 each (Except Test Books)
      Class IV Employees 2 each (Except Text Books)
    3. Students
      1. +3 Degree (Hons.) 4 each - (for 7 days)
      2. +3 Degree (Pass) 2 each - (for 7 days)
      3. +2 Stream 1 each - (for 7 days)
  20. A book once issued to a borrower may be re-issued to him only when no other borrower demands it. Books before re-issue should be presented before the librarian for necessary entries in the register.
  21. Books of reference maps, text books, University Calendars. University Question Papers, a current issues of periodicals, courses of study and rare books shall not be issued for use at home without the special permission of the Principal.
  22. Prescribed Text-Books shall be issued only to the members of staff teaching the concerned subjects, to students and not to other members of staff.
  23. Journals and magazines may be issued to the students for reading in the reading room on the production of Identity Card. The Identity Card will be returned to the student only after the Journal or magazine is returned to the librarian. Periodicals may be issued to members of the staff for overnight study only.
  24. Text Books may be occasionally issued to class III staff on the recommendation of the Departmental heads and on the special permission of the Principal.
  25. Personal books and other materials are not allowed inside the library.
  26. Members of the college staff may take the books from the library on signing a loan register : students must take out books on library cards which will be given to them in the begining of each session.
  27. In the case of the students who do not return library books within the time allowed, a fine of Re. 0.10 paise per day per book will be charged for each day of delay. The librarian shall send in the Ist week of every month a fine list of the previous month along with a statement showing names of the defaulting students. Suitable action will be taken after one month for regular delinquents.
  28. No student will be allowed to keep library books with him during the summer vacation and after the Annual test examination.
  29. All borrowers of books will return the books before summer vacation for stock verification.
  30. The book borrowed shall have to be returned by the borrowers before acceptance of Admit card for the H.S/University Examination otherwise the Admit Cards of the students concerned willl not be issued.
  31. Borrower leaving the college before H.S./University Examination or discoutinuing their studies at any time shall have to return the books before they are allowed to leave the college.
  32. Borrowers who are not sent up for the H.S./University examination or are not promoted to the next higher class shall have to surrender the books soon after the results are announced.
  33. Any book lost, damaged or defaced by a borrower must be replaced by him if the book is one of a set or a series and the volume can not be obtained singly the whole set or series must be replaced at the reader's cost. If the book is rare or not replaceable the borrower must pay an amount upto a maximum of three times of the catalogue price of the book in case where the price is not ascertained the borrower should pay as compensation an amount fixed by the Principal.
  34. Matters not covered under these rules or any controversy arising out of the interpretation of these rules will be referred to the Principal whose decision shall be final.
  35. A person who used the library is supposed to have read the library rules and to have agreed to abide by them. Ignorance of these rules will be no excuse for the breach of any rule.
  36. In all dealings in the library the Identity Card must be produced at the counter on demand, failing which the student concerned will not be attended to.
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