Academic Plan:
  1. Every department will have a separate routine, in which those classes will be mentioned where teacher will deliver lectures with ICT facilities like showing Power Point Presentations, or relevant and appropriate study videos.
  2. The Power point lectures will be available in the college website as reference for the students.
  3. The routine will be so adjusted that, every subject teacher can use the college smart room and the LCD projectors in alternate manner.
  4. At least two on-line formative assessments will be made for every student, one before mid-term test and another after the mid-term-test.
  5. For these series of on-line tests, a question bank will be generated for every subject.
  6. To organize various training programmes for teaching and non-teaching staff ( Computer training , software operating and automation )
  7. To continue various extension activities by YRC, NSS & Scout Units of our college.
  8. To organize Science exhibition.

Administrative Plan:
  1. Library will be fully computerized.
  2. A.C machine will be installed in the library.
  3. The book bank facility will be revived for SC/ST/OBC/Minority/Non-Creamy students.
  4. Certain Quality Polices will be prepared and some are will to be modified be the college authority to run the college smoothly and properly like Quality Assurance Policy, Anti-Ragging Policy, Sexual harassment Policy, Computer and Data used Policy, Green Policy and Policy towards Social commitment.
  5. A language lab will be constructed in the college.
  6. Full automation of establishment, accounts, examination and library

Infrastructural Plan:
  1. Construction of boundary wall around.
  2. To prepare Concept Plan of the future buildings.
  3. Installation of energy saving lights.
  4. To prevent water tap leakage.
  5. Arrangement of a for a medical facilitation centre.
  6. Improvement of GYM, Volley Ball, Basket Ball fields and tennis ground.
  7. Upgradation of laboratory.
  8. Construction of Classrooms.
  9. Beautification of college campus.
  10. Enrichment of college garden.
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