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Kanpur Anchalika Mahavidyalaya, Kanpur is affiliated to the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Odisha and Utkal University, Odisha.

Admission into +2 (junior) classes through e-Admission under Student Academic Management System (SAMS) for the academic session 2014-15.

Important Notes:
  • e - Admission (Online Admission into +2 classes) is compulsory in all +2 (junior), colleges including self financing (junior) colleges in the state of Odisha for the academic session 2014-15.
  • The Online Common Application form on the website and can be accessed at any place where internet facility is available. Please read the common prospectus carefully before filling the Online Common Application Form.
  • An Applicant who has passed Annual H.S.C examination 2014 conducted by BSE, Odisha need not fill in the application marks details in the CAF while filling it up only. After selecting in the Board name as BSE, Odisha and Year of passing as 2014 has to input the examination Roll number and wait till his/her name and marks are filled automatically. However any incorrect data can be corrected during online application in the CAF.
  • An applicant can exercise for a minimum of six options in a CAF. If an applicant submits more than one CAF at SRC, then any one of the CAFs will be rejected automatically. Only the computer (Internet) generated CAF with Barcode shall be accepted. In no case a DTP or Typed CAF shall be accepted.
  • Mere applying Online CAF in the Internet will not be sufficient for e-admission. An Applicant has to take print out of College Copy and Applicant Copy of the filled in CAF and both the Copies of CAF with relevant document along with required fees are to be deposited at the nearest SAMS junior resource centre.
  • Students who take admission against lower options in the 1st selection and want to continue in that college, have to give an undertaking in a form ( Annexure 7 ), so that their cases shall not be considered for sliding up during the second selection. If they do not do so at the time of admission, it may be possible that their name would be slid up to their higher options and removed from the 1st selection college.
  • Intimation letter to the selected applicants will be transmitted through five modes.
    1. SMS (If mobile no. is provided in CAF)
    2. E-mail (If e-mail id is provided in CAF)
    3. Website ( )
    4. College Notice Board (Applied College and Selected College)
    5. Toll Free No. (155335).
    Intimation not be sent through Post.
  • The normal admission will be closed in five stages.
    1. 1st Selection admission.
    2. 2nd Selection admission.
    3. SC/ST extension admission.
    4. Balance seat (Spot) admission.
    5. Admission after supplementary - Instant results publication.

e -Admission for +2 Streams:
Admission Rules for +2 1st year class under SAMS.

About SAMS:

SAMS stands for Student Academic Management System. It was initiated 2009 - 10 Academic Session for 60 junior colleges.

1. Objectives :
  1. To ensure single window system for admission through e-admission process.
  2. To made the admission process economical for the applicants / parents.
  3. To make the entire process of admission from application to admission transparent, thereby reducing anxiety among applicants / parents.
  4. To reduce the work of college by developing several modules of administration using the database of admission process.
2. e - Admission :

e-Admission aims to use information technology to process applicants for admission which would reduce time and improve efficiency for the college functionaries who have been doing it manually. It would also make the admission process economical, efficient, hassle, free and transparent for the students and their parents.

The students/parents have to apply online, take print of the computer generated filled application form and travel to any one of the 1096 colleges under e-admission process to submit the application to get admission to any stream of any college of their choices.

3. e - Administration :

e-Administration aims to use the database of e-admission in various academic and administrative activities like issue of identity card, collection of fees, section allocation, issue of admit cards, tabulation to +2 council, preparation of long roll etc. It will follow e-admission in pilot phase colleges. In other colleges student database will have to be created to make e-Administration possible.

4. Common Prospectus (CP) :

It has two components. One part is general guideline and second one is individual college profile. This will be available in Department of Higher Education website in downloadable format to take print out.

A. The 1st part of CP will have features of e-admission like section guideline, reservation and weightage, Principles etc.
B. In the second part of CP i.e. individual college profile will have features like Seat Availability, elective combinations, college admission "cut-off" of marks of last two years for various streams. Total fees required for admission for each of the Junior colleges.

5. Common Application Form (CAF) :

Common Application Form (CAF) for filling out the 10th Board details like (Board name, Year of passing and Roll no as per admit card), Correspondence address, personal information, reservation and weight age etc. CAF has been restricted to maximum 6 options to put your choices of college/stream order of preference where one would like to study.

6. Common Application Form (CAF) And Common Prospectus (CP) won't be printed by colleges. These will be available in the website Applicants may download the relevant pages from the internet and print the same for their use. A part of the CP contains the general matters, process and principles for admission will be provided and sold at the colleges for RS. 10 per piece.

7. Eligibility :

The minimum eligibility for admission to +2 or Higher Secondary Classes shall be a pass in High School Certificate (HSC) examination of the Board of the Secondary Education, Odisha (BSE) or its equivalent.

8. Cost Structure :

The applicant will apply CAF online and take a print of this Online filled CAF and submit at nearby SAMS colleges along with required fees in cash at the college counter. Applicants can only give up to maximum six options (college/stream). As per the choice applied in CAF the applicant will give required fees at the college counter while submitting the application. For one of 1st choice applicant has to give Rs.100/- and other choice Rs.50 for each. In this way if the applicant has given six choices he/she has to pay Rs.100 + (5x50) = 350.Out state applicant (OSA) can send the CAF by Post to any SAMS junior college along with the required option fees in the shape of Bank Draft only in favor the Principal of the College where CAF is being sent. The duly filled CAF should reach on or the expiry of the date-line. Postal application without Bank Draft will not be entertained at the applied college.

9. Concept of Applied and Destination College :

Applied College where the applicant submits his /her application. Destination College, where the applicant is selected to take admission.

10. Principles of Selection :

Admission into various streams and subjects shall be decided strictly on the basis of merit as per government guidelines.

11. Applications Process :

The CAF will be available in for applying online. There will be one common application form (CAF) for admission to any stream of any of the Junior colleges selected for e-admission 2014-15. It is decided to have one Common Prospectus (CP) for all junior colleges coming under SAMS.

12. A) Total marks secured at the 10th Board Examination w.r.t. Total marks, Weightage and Reservation (If Applicable) will be taken into consideration in preparing the Merit list. For reservation and weightage please refer item 2014-15 of the prospectus (CP).
B) In case of candidates passing the (H.S.C/H.S/ Equivalent examination compartmentally, average of marks secured in the subjects concerned both the examination shall be taken into consideration to determine the aggregate).
C) For applicants who have secured equal marks in the 10th Board examination and have opted for same and stream, their merit will be decided on the basis of marks in English/ Social Studies for Arts and Mathematics/ Science for Science and Commerce stream (Govt. order no. 57823, DATE . 24.10.2000.
For Examples :

If there are two applicants who opted for one college and one stream and have same marks in H.S.C examination then it is for Arts stream, then the applicant who has more marks in English will get preference. If English marks of both applicants are same then marks in social studies will determine the selection. For science and commerce stream, mathematics and science marks will be deciding factor in similar sequence.

13. Reservation :

Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST)
1. SC - 8% of the sanctioned strength shall be reserved for SC applicants.
2. ST - 12% of the sanctioned strength shall be reserved for ST applicants.
3. The reserve seats are not interchangeable between SC & ST.
4. SC/ST applicants selected for admission on merit shall not be counted against reserved seats.
5. Additional seats for SC & ST students to the extent of 8% for SC and 10% for ST will be provided under the following conditions.
a) Seat normally reserved for that category of students i.e. SC/ST has fully utilized.
b) Even after the reserve seats have been fully utilized student of either or both the categories who have secured 40% or more (Arts & Commerce) 50% or more (For Science) in the qualifying examination have failed to secure admission to Arts / Commerce or Science / Commerce respectively. (GO. No. 36979 Dt. 23.09.2004 Dept. of Higher Education. )
6. However any modification made by the Government in the reservation policy will be allowed during admission.
7. Reserve seats lying vacant after second selection admission would be De-reserved.
8. Physically Handicapped (PH) Orthopedically Handicapped (OH) 3% of sanctioned seats shall be reserved for PH/OH students. (Extent of handicap not below 40%).
9. Ex-Service Man (EXM) 1% of the sanctioned shall be reserved for self/children/wife/husband of Ex-Service Man.
10. Serving Defence Personnel (SDP) 1% of sanctioned shall be seats reserved for self/children/wife/husband of Ex-Defense Personnel.
11. Children of martyrs (COM) 2% of seats sanctioned are reserved for the children of martyrs.
12. Odia living in neighboring states. (OLNS) Admission on merit from Odia students living in neighboring state shall be reserved up to 5% (1% for any particular state) of the sanctioned strength. For the purpose of admission an applicant will be considered OLNS, if she/he has passed the HSC examination or equivalent examination from any school situated in the neighboring state of Odisha. (Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal.

14. Weightage :

The 10% of the seat in each stream shall be filled up by weightage candidate. This 10% seat will be proportionately distributed among reserved category. An applicant who is selected under weightage category 10% and takes admission will continue to remain under weightage category even if Cut-off mark is reduced in subsequent selection.

N.C.C :
  1. An Applicant holding certificate "A" shall be given weightage of additional 5% of marks over and above the aggregate marks secured at the H.S.C or equivalent examination.
  2. Applicants who have represented the state or the central school / Sainik School at the all India level N.C.C camp/courses/activities shall be given weightage of additional 5% marks over and above the aggregate marks secured at the HSC or the equivalent examination.
  1. Scout & Guide possessing and producing the original certificate signed by the President of India shall be given weightage or additional 10% of mark over and above the aggregate marks secured at the H.S.C/ equivalent examination.
  2. Scout & Guide possessing and producing the Original certificate signed by the Governor of the state shall be given weightage of additional 5% of marks over and above the aggregate marks secured at the H.S.C/ equivalent examination.
  1. Applicants who have represented the country at International level shall be given direct admission.
  2. Applicants who have represented the state at National level shall be given weightage of additional 10% marks over and above the aggregate marks secured at the H.S.C/equivalent examination.
  3. Applicants who have represented the School at the Inter-state school meet level shall be given weightage of addition 5% of marks over and above the aggregate marks secured at H.S.C / equivalent examination.
  1. A Women applicants opting for a stream in which teaching facility is not available in any of the local women's colleges shall be given weightage of 5% of marks over and above the aggregate marks secured at the H.S.C / equivalent examination.
  2. Women candidates availing of the weightage for a stream shall not be allowed to change the stream subsequently.
  1. The number of student admitted from outside of Odisha to any class shall not exceed 5% of the total number of sanctioned seat of the class subject to maximum of 1% of the total seat for the total seat for the candidates of a given State/ Union Territory of India.
  2. For the purpose of admission, an applicant will be deemed to be from outside the State of Odisha if he/she has passed the H.S.C / equivalent examination from any school situated outside State of Odisha.
Reservation :

  1. In Case there are no applicants in any of the reserved category, the seats will be de-reserved and filled up by the general category applicants.
  2. No seats shall remain reserved for any category beyond the normal date of admission.
  3. SC/ST applicants selected for the admission on merit basis shall not be counted against reserved seats.
Weightage :
  1. No weightage shall be given in any category if the achievement has not been made within two year before the last date of CAF submission at the Applied College.
  2. Not more than 10% of seats in each stream shall be filled up on the basis of weightage for various extracurricular activities/unavailability of stream in local women's college.
  3. An applicant can claim weightage to maximum of 10% over the total mark secured.
  4. Weightage is only for purposes of admission. It shall not be considered for any other preferential treatment such as: allotment of subject/hostel.
  5. An applicant who is selected under weightage category (10%) and takes admission will continue to remain under weightage category even if cut-off mark is reduced in subsequent selection.
Admission Rule For +3 1st year Arts/ Science through e- Admission under Student Academic Management System (SAMS) for the academic session 2014-15.
  1. Reservation as per +2 1st year class Sl.No. 14.
      1. Subject like Economics, History, Odia, Political Science, Education, Philosophy, Sanskrit are of 128 seats each.
      2. Hons Subject:
        Pol. Science - 16 seats
        History - 16 seats
        Education - 16 seats
      An Hons or a Pass student shall choose elective from the following subjects. Indian Polity - 128 seats, Indian Economy - 128 seats, Landmarks in Indian History - 128 seats, Philosophy - 128 seats, Sanskrit - 128 seats, Education-128 seats, Odia - 128 seats.
      Reservations :-
      1. A student admitted to Hons shall not take pass subject.
      2. Any combination having less than 8 nos. of students will not be allowed.
      3. Selection of Hons Subject in all streams will be made after the completion of admission work as per Govt. rules.
    1. Total seats available in +3 Science (B.Sc) - 64
      i) Physical science - 32 seats
      ii) Biological Science - 32 seats
      Compulsory Subject - English, M.I.L (O), ISC, ES, IT
      Pass Subjects - Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics & Chemistry, Botany and Zoology.

      Elective Subjects (Final Degree) only

      1. Minor Elective - Biology (For PCM) and Mathematics (For CBZ).
      2. Major Elective - i. Physics ii. Chemistry iii. Mathematics.
    2. Interpretation :
      The Principal's decision with regard to anything not covered in the admission rules or with regard to any dispute arising out of interpretation of rules is final subject to instruction of DHE and regulation of CHSE/UTKAL UNIVERSITY/Governing Body.
    3. Eligibility for Admission (+3 Classes) :
      Selection of candidates for admission to +3 1st year classes shall be strictly on the basis of merit.
      1. Students passing in Science can take admission in +3 science (CBZ / PCM).
      2. Students passing in Annual examination can take admission in +3 classes within 4 weeks without fine and within more two weeks with fine thereafter, from the date of publication of result of the qualifying examination as per Govt. decision for e-admission.
      3. Students passing +2 instant examinations can take admission in +3 classes within 3 weeks without fine and within one week with fine thereafter from the date of publication of result subject to the availability of seats.
      4. Students passing annual examination or prior to that cannot take admission with the students passing in supplementary/instant examination.
      5. In case of discontinuation consideration for admission may be made along with fresh candidates provided the authority is convinced of satisfactory reasons supported by valid certificates.
      6. Students belonging to SC & ST are exempted from paying tuition fees and admission fees on production of caste certificate from competent authority.
      7. Incomplete application form and application forms received after due date are liable to be rejected.
      8. Failure to take admission on the prescribed date intimated to selected candidate will result in forfeiture of the seat allotted to the applicant.
Extension of date for admission is not allowed under any circumstances.
  1. If a student who has been detained or failed in the annual examination of college for any reason wants to take admission again in the same or any other faculty, for which he/she is eligible, should apply in the prescribed form along with fresh applicants. His case may be considered at par with others provided satisfactory reasons are given supported by valid certificates.
  2. Once a student is sent up to appear at the Part-I, Part-II & Part-III University examination he/she shall not be allowed to take readmission respectively in the Part-I, Part-II or Part-III class of the same faculty. She/he may be allowed to take admission in the Part-I class of other faculty provided.
    a) She/he is eligible.
    b) Seat is available.
    c) University permits for the same. The applicant will have to obtain such permission at his own effort.
  3. Selection for Honours in which seats are limited will be made strictly on merit basis.
  4. No fresh admission to any Honours will be made after 31st December even if the seats fall vacant.
  5. No Change of faculty will be allowed after admission is made to any faculty. However change of subject or group of subject will be allowed within 15 days from the last date of admission. Selection of Honours will be made after change of subject is over.
  6. Admission on T.C in Part-1 class will be made only after the last date of change of subject is over for the students passing annual examinations of CHSE.
  7. Students seeking admission on T.C basis canít claim to have Honours. The authority may provide them Honours only if seats fall vacant before the last date of allotment i.e. 31st December. The admission to different classes is purely provisional. The authority reserves the rights of cancelling such admission if wrongly made.
    Transfer case seats for public servant:
  8. Public servant, corporation employees and the employees of aided institution. In case seats are filled up by the time a public servant comes on transfer to this place having head quarters at Kanpur seats in subjects as required by his ward will be increased with the special permission of the University for admission into +3 and CHSE for admission into +2 stream.
  9. All payment should be made only to the authorised dealing assistant of the college at the college counter and official receipt should be obtained on the spot. In case of any doubt or difficulty attention of the Principal should be drawn immediately. The college authority will not be held responsible in case any payment is made to any employee of the college who is not authorised to receive the same.
  10. A student of the college must reside with their parents or with local guardian approved by the Principal or in a recognised mess approved by the Principal.
  11. Provision of N.S.S, Physical education and Youth Red Cross is there in the college. A student can take part in these activities.
  12. All correspondence in connection with admission should be addressed to the Principal by designation but not by name.
  13. The decision of the Principal with regard to anything not covered above or any dispute arising out of the interpretation of any clause is final and binding on all parties associated with it.
  14. Any clause inserted above is changeable from time to time as per instruction of the Government/Governing Body/Of the College and by the decision of the Principal.

SAMS stands for Students Academic Management System. In this system students are admitted online into +2 and +3 classes of Arts and Science Streams. This Admission process which is carried out through internet and computers is called as e-Admission. Besides e-Admission SAMS also maintains the academic, financial records of each student admitted into colleges. From the Academic Session 2011-12 online admission or e-Admission through Common Application Form (CAF) under SAMS. In respect of +3 streams in Arts and Science has been introduced in Kanpur Anchalika Mahavidyalaya vide Dept. of Higher Education G.O No. 6626/ Dated. 22nd .feb.2011

  1. If a selected applicant does not take admission as per his/her 1st selection college/streams, his/her names shall not be considered for subsequent admission process during the current session.
  2. The College Leaving Certificate (CLC) will be issued from the software under e-Admission module.
  3. There will be no weightage for women candidate in any stream or subject of +2 or +3 classes with effect from the academic session 2011-12 (vide Dept. Of Higher Education G.O No. 37024 Dated. 20/12.2010.
  4. Admission into various colleges, streams and Honours shall be decided strictly on the basis of merit. Honours selection will be done at the respective Destination College where an applicant takes final admission.
    The College will conduct a counseling process basing on the merit list (G.O No. 20605/ Dt. 27.07.2010).

(I) Any applicant opting for PCM in +3 Physical Science Stream will have choice of Hons for either Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics.
(II) Any applicant opting for CBZ in +3 Life Science stream will have choice of Hons for either Botany or Zoology.

  1. All types of admission into Junior (+2) and Degree (+3) Colleges including transfer of admission from one college to another in the 1st year shall be completed by 31st December of each year. For transfer case CHSE/ Respective University is to give necessary approval to OCAC to give necessary permission in Software for updation.
  2. There will be no transfer in 2nd year classes of the +2 stream and 2nd year or 3rd year classes of +3 stream from the academic session 2011-12 except under special circumstances like Govt. / PSU/ Banking Sector Servant on transfer/ Marriage of Girl student etc. with due approval of CHSE and University an intimation to be given to OCAC for effecting necessary correction in software for updation.
  3. The last date of Online submission of return matriculate (ROM) in CHSE Odisha is 15th January of each year ( vide Dept. Of Higher Education G.O No. 1560(1291) Dt. 15.04.2011).

Kanapur Anchalik Mahavidyala, Kanpur is affiliated to the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Orissa and Utkal University.
1. Admission to +2 Classes :

  1. No Student shall ordinarily be admitted to an institution six weeks after the date of reopening of the institution or from the date of publication of results of the Annual H.S.C. Examination of the Board of Secondary Education, Orissa which ever is later provided that the Council may permit a student two weeks more for admission with a late fees of Rs.10/-
  2. A candidate who passes the supplementary of HSC examination may be admitted to an institution within three weeks after the publication of the results, provided that the Council may extend the date of admission by 10 days with a late fee of Rs.10/-
  3. Where the Council grants recognition to an institution or permit increases of seats in any institution, the date of issue of order shall be regarded as the date of reopening of the institution for the purpose of admission and the provision applicable in the case of candidates passing the Supplementary Examination, shall be made applicable in such cases and the percentage of attendance shall be counted from the date of admission of the candidate.

2. Admission to +3 Classes :

  1. The Course leading to the award of Bachelor's Degee in Arts of the Utkal University shall be spread over the three academic years. The course may be completed in one or more colleges in different spells.
  2. A person who has passed the Higher Secondary Examination conducted by the Council of Higher Secondary Education Orissa or any other examination recognised as equivalent there to is eligible to be admitted to the first year of the course in a college affiliated to the University subject to following conditions.
    1. He may be admitted to the first year of the course in Arts/ Science if he has passed the Higher Secondary Examination or its equivalent in Arts, Science or Com.
    2. In Science if he has passed the Higher Secondary Examination or its equivalent in Science.
  3. No student shall ordinarily be admitted into the First Year of the Course four weeks after the reopening of the college after Summer Vacation or six weeks after the date of publication of the result of the Higher Secondary Education, Orissa whichever is later without late fee and two weeks thereafter on payment of late fee of Rs.10/- Provided that a student passing instant examination of the CHSE, Orissa may be admitted to the first year within two weeks from the date of publication of the result by the Council without late fee and one further week with late fee.

3. Admission to +2 IInd Year classes :
All the students those who have been declared pass after the first year Annual Examination are allowed to take readmission to the 2nd year classes within four weeks of re-opening of the college. Students of other college, who have been promoted to the +2 IInd year classes if seek admission to this college need apply and their cases will be considered subject to the regulations of the Council and availability of seats and subjects in the classes.
4. Admission to +3 IInd year & +3 IIIrd Year Classes.
A student shall have to admit himself / herself in the second year / third year of the course within four weeks of the re-opening of the college after Summer Vacation.

  1. Only such students who have passed the Annual Examination conducted by the college at the end of the first year are eligible to be admitted into the second year of the Course. They shall have to take admission in the +3 second year within the above time limit.
  2. Only such students who have registered themselves for the Second University Examination at the end of second year shall be admitted into the third year of the course within the time mentioned above.

5. Application for Admission :

  1. Candidate who seek admission for re-admission in case of detained students shall have to apply in the prescribed form which can be obtained from the college counter by paying an amount of Rs.50 (Fifty). These forms can also be obtained by post if a candidate so desires, by submitting an application to the Principal in plain paper by registered post accompanied by:
    1. A money order receipt for Rs.50/- only payable to the Principal.
    2. A self-addressed stamped envelope of the size 25cm. x 10cm.
  2. A candidate desirous of being considered foradmission to the Science, Humanities (Arts), combinations of a class should submit separate applications for each faculty.
  3. Applications received after specific date as notified by the Principal are liable for rejection but if seats remain vacant after exhausting all applications received after specified date up to the date of selection for admission against the vacant seats may be taken into consideration.

6. Procedure for Submission of application for Admission :
After filing in the required particulars the candidate should submit the application form in the college office or send the same by registered post so as to reach the Principal on or before the last date prescribed accompanied by the following documents.

  1. An attested true copy of the school leaving certificate and conduct certificate from the institution last attended if the candidates is a new entrant into the college.
  2. An attested true copy of the mark-sheet of qualifying examination (both the mark-sheets in case of compartmental candidates).
  3. The Delaration form duly filled in by the candidate if he/ she is over eighteen years of age or by parents/guardian if he /she is below eighteen.
  4. The applicant shall affix postage stamp worth Rs.6/- and shall write his/her full address in the Index Card and stamp of Rs.6/- in the intimation card.
  5. An attested true copy of a caste certificate in case of Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe candidates granted by a competent authority (M.P./M.L.A./ Collector/ Additional District Magistrate/Sub Collector/Gazetted Local Revenue Officer /Tahasildar) of the area.
  6. One set of Xerox copy (Attested by Gazetted Officer) of each Certificate in favour of claiming reservation/weightage.
  7. No objection certificate from the employer if applicant is employed.
  8. Money-receipt in support of the purchase of the application form.
  9. An attested true copy of certificate from the Chief District Medical Officer in case of orthopaedically Physically handicapped candidates, that the handicap is a major one, deserving special consideration.
  10. Four Passportsize photograhs duly attested.

N.B.-Entries in all forms should be filed in properly with suitable answers not by dots or dashes or cross mark.
7. Principals of selection for admission :

  1. Admission to the college cannot be claimed as a matter of right and may be refused by the Principal without disclosing the reason to the candidate.
  2. Merit of the candidates shall be the criterion in deciding his prayer for admission to the college.
  3. The decision of the Principal regarding matters relating to admission shall be binding and final as far as the candidates are concerned.
  4. Vacancies occuring during the stipulted period shall be filled in by selection of candidates who applied before the last date. No application shall be entertained for admission made after the stipulated date.
  5. The criterion of selection of candidates for admission to all calsses shall be on merit. The percentage of aggregate marks obtained by the candidates in the qualifying examination shall be the sole basis. (f) For students passing compartmentally the average of the two marks in the subject, in which the candidate had failed in the first attempt shall be considered for determining the aggregate mark in the subject. The formula to find out the average is to add marks in the first unsuccessful attempt with marks in the successful attempt and the total be deivided by two.
  6. Merit List of Students Passing C.B.S.E. or I.C.S.E. Exam :
    The percentage of marks secured by a student who has passed C.B.S.E. or I.C.S.E. Exam. in all obligatory subject taken together shuld be taken in to account for drawing up the merit list instead of taking the best five or first five subjects even though in I.C.S.E. a student passes the exam. on passing in five subjects out of Six (Vide G.O. Letter No.34454 dt.29.07.95 of Deptt. of Higher Education, Oriss(a).
  7. Presence of the candidate at the time of admission is not obligatory.
  8. Student detained on grounds of misconduct not to be admitted once again.

8. Intimation regarding admission will be communicated by post in order of merit. The names of all selected candidates shall be notified in the college notice board.
9. Documents to be produced at the time of Admission :

  1. The original certificates of School/ College Leaving, Mark Sheets, Caste certificates, Conduct Certificates etc.
  2. Four recent pass-port size photogaphs duly attested by a Gazetted Officer or by a member of the teaching staff of the college.
  3. The migration certificate in Original (Other than B.S.E. Orissa and CHSE, Oriss(a)
  4. Any other ducument that the Principal may require.
  5. All other original documents in favour of claiming reservation/ weightage.

10.Point to Remember :

  1. The applicant is required to write "submitted by me on the application form as well as on each of the enclosed certificates and Mark Sheets and put his /her full signature with, it without which the application is likely to be rejected.
  2. No Certificate will be entertained after the submission of the application form. An applicant who does not enclose copies of certificates in support of reservations and weight age with the application form will not be entitled to the concession.
  3. Any applicant desirous of availing any type of concession in the matter of reservation and weightage of marks in obliged to submit two attested xerox copies of every such document.
  4. Certificates submitted in suppport of reservation and weightage will be sent to D.I.G. Crime Branch, Cuttack/ appropriate authority for scrutiny.
  5. Suppression of facts or submission of incorrect information by the applicant if detected at the time of or thereafter will render the selection/ admission invaild and the matter will be reported to the D.I.G. Crime Branch to initiate Criminal Proceedings.
  6. If a selected candidates fails to take admission on the specified date he/she will forfeit the claim for admission.
  7. All admission are Provisional.
  8. The College will not accept responsibility for any loss or delay in transit.

11. Selection of Honours :

  1. Candidates applying for Honours will be admitted to the pass course first and shall have to take their chance at the selection for various Honours courses. The candidates are advised to offer at least two alternatives in order of preference. However an applicant has to secure 40% of marks in aggregate and 40% of marks in the subject he/she desires as Honours subject.
  2. Students passings in the Supplementary Examination may be considered for Honours if seats are lying vacant.
  3. Aggregate mark plus marks in the subject in which the candidate desires to take Honour, thus out of a maximum mark of 900 honours selection is to be made. Mark secured in extra optional subject in excess of pass marks should not be taken into consideration in selection of Honours (G.O. No.4988, EYS 31.1.1981)
  4. Mark secured in English should be added to the aggregate in case of candidates who have changes from Science to Arts.

12. Change of Subject :
A Student admitted into the college may be allowed to change the subject or group of subjects taken by him/her at the time of admission in the college within fifteen days after the last date of admission in the college. No change of subject is allowed in the second year of the +2 classes and 2nd and 3rd year of the Degree classes.
13. Exemption from Tuition and Admission Fees :

  1. Students belonging to S.C. and S.T. will be exempted from payment of tuition fees admission fees and S.S.G. fees provided they produce the requisite Caste Certificate.
  2. Blind students are exempted from payment of the monthly tuition fees.
  3. Women students whose parents do not pay Income Tax for Agricultural Income. Tax is exempted from tuition fees and admission fees.

14. Reservation of seats and weightage of marks :

    1. 12% of seats available in +2 and +3 course is reserved for the students belonging to S.T. & 8% of the seats for the students belonging to S.C. over the aforesaid 20%, Principal of the College is authorised to admit additional students belonging to the aforesaid categories to the extent of 10% i.e. 6% for S.T. and 4% for S.C. students (Letter No.33011 dt.22.7.93. D.H.E. Oriss(a)
    2. These reserved seats shall not be interchangeable between ST and SC students and any reserved seats remaining vacant in either catagory may be filled up on the basis of the general merit list.
    3. If after all the reserved seats for candidates belonging to S.C. or S.T. have been filled up. It is found that there are a number of S.C. or S.T. students who have secured more than the cut-off marks and have failed to secure admission against the reserved seats, the Principal of the college shall admit additional students belonging to S.C. and S.T. to a maximum to the extent of 18% of the sanctioned / affiliated strength for that course. The distribution of the 18% additional seats between S.C. and S.T. students would be in the ratio of 10% for S.T. and 8% for S.C. students. Admission for the additional seats will be allowed strictly in the order of merit. The cutoff marks for purpose of provision of additional seats shall be 40% for Arts and Commerce and 50% for Science streams in the aggregate in the qualifying examination (LetterNo.29974 Dt. 28.06.05. D.H.E. Oriss(a)
  1. NCC cadets holding 'C' and 'B' Certificates may get an additional weightage of 3% and 5% marks respectively over and above the percentage of the aggregate marks obtained by them in the qualifying examination for admission into various classes (Certificate to be attache(d).
  2. Candidates, who are orthopaedically or physically handicapped (deaf, dumb or blin(d) will be given weightage of an additional 5% marks for admission over and above the actual marks secured by them (Certificate to be attache(d).
  3. A women candidate will be given weightage of an additional 5% marks. However, the women candidates who will be given weightage will not ordinarly be allowed to change the subject.
  4. Additional weightage of 2% of marks to part I, Part II certificate holders of Senior Division NCC candidates over and above their aggregate mark secured by them in the H.S.C. Examination for their admission into +2 classes.
  5. Candidates who have represented in Presential Scout will get weightage of an additional 10% over and above the percentage of aggregate marks obtained by them for admission to +2 first year classes.
  6. The following categories of sportsmen will be given admission irrespective of marks secured by them subject to eligibility.
    1. Those who have representated the country.
    2. Those who have represented All India Team.
    3. Those who have represented an All India University Team.
    4. Those who have represented the Orissa State Team approved by the State-level bodies in any National Competition.
    5. A weightage of 15% of marks over and above the aggreagate marks secured by them at the previous qualifying examination will be given to the participants in the University at the Inter-University Competitions.
    6. Concession of 5% of marks in the minimum of marks required for admission to any course of study shall be given to candidates belonging to SC/ST (Vide Letter No. Sc. 5/A 12817/89 dated 21.7.89 of the Deputy Registrar Utkal University) (Spl. Cell).
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